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​Olivia Garden Products in Ireland

Olivia Garden Products distinguish themselves through their excellent quality and their high functionality. Creative product ideas and continuous development, paired with our long experience give us the possibility to offer you a wide portfolio with more than 350 products.


We are particularly proud of our high-quality Olivia Garden brushes, for which we have more than 10 main brands such as Ceramic + Ion, NanoThermic or our Pro Thermal Range, which has been on top of the bestseller lists in different countries for more than 15 years.

Our professional shears distinguish themselves through their high-quality material and their comfortable handling. The frequent use of these products does not only facilitate working, it also helps preventing professional diseases like the carpal tunnel syndrome.

Our bestselling shears are the following brands: Silkcut, Dragon and Swivelcut.

We always work with passion on our excellent products