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First hybrid removed with alcohol

Super creamy hybrid for women who expect a guarantee of a beautiful, dazzling color and a fantastic shine which last until their next visit to the salon – up to 4 weeks.


Creamy hybrid polish
Safe for hands and nails
Safe for the stylist
Formula without an irritating odor
Creamy consistency with self-leveling properties
100% coverage after the first layer
Glass nails effect – intense shine until removal
Super long lasting up to 4 weeks
3 step: base, color, top
Cured in a led lamp in 30 seconds
Brush – the type and length of bristles especially designed for the pure polish
2 ways of removal
Innovation! Alco remover – special alcohol, not acetone, based liquid! Safe for the nail plate, protects against excessive dryness, has antibacterial and antiseptic properties – removes the nail design in approx.. 15 minutes, top to be filed.
Standard: salon remover yv/led manicure – acetone based, removes the nail design in approx. 7 – 10 minutes, without filing the top coat with a nail file.
REMEMBER – product:

Store away from heat and UV rays
Keep the bottle of the neck clean
Close the bottle tightly after use
Pure Alco Remover – store in a tightly closed bottle (alcohol evaporates)
Recommended to be cured with a LED lamp

Volume: 8ml/.27 fl.oz